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Serving clients throughout all of greater Louisville for over 40 years, Thomas V. Haile Attorney At Law has a wealth of legal resources and case experience in multiple areas of law. Offering some of the most affordable legal fees in the community, and supporting clients with the prompt and professional guidance they need, it’s no wonder why Thomas V. Haile Attorney At Law continues to receive positive word-of-mouth referrals from previous, satisfied clients.
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University of Louisville, undergraduate degree (Summa Cum Laud), University of Louisville Law School, graduated 1977.

I am a sole practitioner and have practiced in Jefferson County for the past 42 years. I have practiced in Federal and State Courts for over three decades. I have extensive experience in family law (divorce, custody, support and visitation issues) as well as probate law (estates, wills, trusts and such). I am an experienced trial attorney in both criminal and personal injury cases.

I have worked in the family courts of Jefferson County, Ky., since their inception. At present, there are ten divisions. I have practiced in all divisions on numerous occasions. I have handled all matters within the jurisdiction of the family courts including divorce, custody, domestic violence, support, visitation, maintenance and property division. I am happy to discuss any situation, in the strictest of confidence.

Social Security
I have also practiced extensively before the Social Security Administration. I can help you with your claim for disability at any level and will be happy to discuss your case with you at any time. It is my practice to go with my clients to file both hearing requests and requests for reconsideration, in person, at the Social Security office.

In the event of the death of a loved one, I perform all services needed to probate estates, either with or without Wills. I take a personal interest in minimizing your problems at a very difficult time in your life and the lives of your family.

Criminal Law
In criminal law, I have represented both defendants and victims in various aspects of this type of practice. I have tried misdemeanor and felony cases successfully. I have been able to recover restitution for victims of crime as well. As with all matters requiring legal representation, I welcome the opportunity to discuss the case with the client personally before any commitment to retain my office.

It has always been my goal to provide sound legal representation at reasonable cost to my clients. The fact that I am still in practice after 35 years would certainly indicate that numerous people have agreed with that approach. I welcome calls to my office regarding client’s legal issues and I am certain my experience can help with their particular situation.

My secretary, Lisa Chandler, has been working with me for 40 of my 42 years of practice. In addition to her considerable knowledge, experience and intelligence, she is very compassionate and takes an active interest in my clients and their families.

I am a lifelong resident of Louisville, Jefferson County, Ky. I am married to a registered nurse, Sandra, with whom I have been married for 40 years as well. I have two adult sons of whom I am very proud. I am an active member in my church and have been truly blessed with a supportive family and church family as well.


Estate Planning

Make Thomas V. Haile Attorney At Law your preferred choice or swift and aggressive legal support in any of the following areas of law.

Social Security Disability
• Supplemental Security Claims
• Disability Benefits
• All Levels of Application Process
• Initial Applications and Request for Reconsideration
• Request for Hearings

Family Practice/Divorce
• Grandparent Rights
• Child Support
• Visitation and Custody
• Adoptions
• Pre-Nuptial Agreements
• Post-Agreements
• Contested and Uncontested Divorce

Criminal Law
• Felonies
• Misdemeanors

Wills and Estates
• Probates and Estates

General Practice
• Small Business
• Corporations
• LLC’s
• Contracts


I will still be available for my current client needs, but will not be accepting new clients.

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